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Calvatis is one of the world’s leading independent manufacturers of detergents and disinfectants. We offer our customers unique quality products and hygienic concepts, which are second to none.

Our brand has been on the market since 1929 and has been developed over many years of experience. We have asserted ourselves in the global market with successful long-term sales and production experience and have the knowledge that enables us to access international sales markets.

Calvatis currently employs more than 400 people who, together with our exclusive partners in different countries, are committed to sustainable concepts and solutions. This enables Calvatis to distribute individual and unique products and hygiene concepts worldwide.
Germany as a business location and worldwide production facilities

Calvatis continues to develop as the company’s structure allows it to adapt quickly and flexibly to market conditions. The company stands firm as a business located in Germany. Our headquarters are located in Ladenburg, with a research and development department and our parent plant. Being in Germany signifies our philosophy of reliability and stability to both our customers and our employees. In order to be as flexible as possible, we have licensed production facilities worldwide (Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Africa).

As a result, Calvatis continues to offer premium quality German brand products to its customers.
Our Goal and Vision

The major goals of our work are:

Innovative development
Creative engineering
Performance and sustainability

We strive to satisfy each and every individual customer and to optimise their success. Therefore, we happily accept the expectations and requirements of our customers for our products, processes and services. With our products and our service, we offer an individually tailored concept in which our customer is the highest focus. Our main areas of application are global hygiene consulting and global hygiene management for the areas of,

beverage industry
food industry
milk processing industry
industrial cleaning
water processing
equipment and systems engineering
contract manufacturing

It is our aim to be the best provider of cleaning and disinfecting products worldwide:

Our Vision


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